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iMagnifier+ - Magnifying Glass Flashlight app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 6080 ratings )
Utilities Productivity
Developer: Scaleitapp Ltd
1.99 USD
Current version: 3.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 May 2012
App size: 43.38 Mb

$5.99 >>>>> $1.99

The best magnifying Glass For iPhone. Now with built-in flashlight for FREE!

You can choose between 4 auto-zoom (2x,3x,4x,8x) and can pinch to zoom in/out manually (1x to 30x).

iMagnifier™ is the smoothest magnifying glass for iPhone youll ever use. See screenshots and try for yourself.

Doesnt contain any annoying ads!!!

Get it now!

Customer Reviews:

You know you are getting older by mickey210
"You know youre getting older when you need a magnifying glass. This App comes in handy several times a day and I always can find it because its in my iPhone. Finding the iPhone during the day sometimes an issue."

So easy by PrimalOneKG
"Works great for instant help reading or focusing on small objects"

Very useful by Bigdog4au
"Very easy to use. Clear and convenient"

AWESOME by kaikai003
"You cant realize how useful this app is until you actually need it... The basic magnifier works so well. And if you add the upgrade, there wont be any object or type you wont be able to view."

My Eyes Thank You! by Dr. Jamie
"There have been many times when this app helped me read very small print that I wouldnt have been able to see otherwise. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Great app by BigR1158
"Helps this old man out a lot. Have hard time with small print but with this app its no problem."

Great Help by roadscribe
"I was struggling to read labels. Now I do not have to take a picture of the label to read ingredients or read instructions!"

So helpful by Chef Dor
"Excellent for us over 55 who need a lot of help reading labels and menus! Love it."

It works! by Yard in the yard
"Im using it often to read the fine print on labels, etc. Glad to have this app."

Pros and cons of iMagnifier+ - Magnifying Glass Flashlight app for iPhone and iPad

iMagnifier+ - Magnifying Glass Flashlight app good for

This came in handy for me quite a few times thus far, works well I like that you can choose to customize or not, Like The light itself high medium or low.
I am an Airplane mechanic, and I used a lot to Fix airplanes!
I saw my Dr using this in in the intensive care unit and fun figured it would work for me. I love it and makes seeing small objects much easier!
I purchased this app to help read my counted cross stitch pattern. Through the years I have used many gimmicks or tricks to help see the tiny symbols on the pattern. This is by far the most useful tool Ive ever used! I cant thank you enough!
Great magnifying with light. Photos are good too, even in low light
This app is worth every penny. I can zoom in x8 and the image is great. When taking a pic, the image comes out much better then if I were to use the camera. I mainly use this to record part numbers and serial numbers while at my job in aviation. This app has made my life better and save my eyes from straining to see these tiny numbers.

Some bad moments

I bought this to look at Prototype Surface Mount PC Boards components looking for solder shorts (assembled manually). I achieve better image using ProCamera on iPhone 6. I thought this would be as good but needs better focus.
I read reviews and decided to try it. ITS TERRIBLE and a waste of money! I deleted it and purchased Maglite+ which comes with a light feature that enhances the view.
Added flash light is great, but have to click twice to turn on/off, which makes no sense.
I initially could not open the program on my iPad 3. It worked great on my iPhone 5, though. I contacted the developer and he quickly responded; within a day he had submitted a fix with Apple. Voila! It now works great on the iPad. It comes in very handy for me when working with some of my fine hobbies. I can see close detail that my ordinary magnifying glass could not zoom in on. This is like having a large loupe whether it be the iPad or the iPhone. Kudos and a hardy thank you for your obvious care and responsiveness. An easy App for me to highly recommend.
Crystal clear magnification. I love the ability to take and send magnified photos.
It is better than advertise! Beats all others, hands down!!!

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